This Mythical Creature Is Made Entirely Out Of Butts

Taxidermists still tell tales of the fabled Assquatch


The British Media Just Fell For The Dumbest Trolling Ever

When parody Twitter accounts making a dumb jokes about soccer become a national crisis.


This Streaming Subscription Is All Games, No Waiting

The days of waiting an eternity for your games to install are over.


9 Bizarre Mistakes That Keep Screwing Up Your Science News

Octopuses aren't aliens, Earth-like planets aren't in our backyard, and you deserve better headlines.

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5 Unbelievably Bold Political Lies (That Totally Worked)

We like to think we're getting pretty good at spotting when a politician is lying to us ... and yet.


Rodman's Role, Ariana's Rock, & Other Fresh Celebrity News

We’ve got your celebrity updates, right here.


The Forgotten Story Behind Jurassic Park: The Ride

The most expensive 'Jurassic Park' project of all time isn't the movie or its sequel.


You'd Be A Better Employee If They'd Let You Leave Early

Let's stop pretending eight-hour work days are working for anyone.


No, Mexican Soccer Fans Didn't Just Trigger An Earthquake

The media went looking for an earthquake and unleashed an avalanche of bullcrap.


How Global Sporting Events Run On Bribes & Help Dictators

The World Cup presents itself as a sports thing, but it's best understood as a secret plot.

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The 22 Weirdest Coincidences In Pop Culture History

Forget psychic hotlines -- let’s get these guys to predict something.



5 Classic Movie Scenes That Were Surprisingly Gross to Make

Allow us to be the black light that illuminates the soiled hotel mattress of cinema.


5 Hilariously Badass Ways You Can Die In Style

These people are trying to put the 'fun' back in funeral.


24 Surprisingly Upsetting 'Family-Friendly' Movies & Shows

Get the fast-forward button ready.


How Young Gamers Can Quietly Ruin Their Parents' Finances

More and more parents are going into debt over microtransactions.


This Bundle Will Help You Excel At Microsoft Excel

Excel is to your resume what tragic backstories are to joining the Justice League. (Necessary. It's necessary.)


5 Crazy Ways We're Trying To Talk To Aliens (Right Now)

Here are some of the far-out ways we've tried to contact the far out ...

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